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Quick and Reliable Clearance Work

Site clearance can be required for a number of reasons — clearing overgrown vegetation and trees, preparing a garden for landscaping or creating space for construction or redevelopment, for example. This is often very difficult work for domestic/private property owners and construction companies, and that's where we come in.

Future Forestry's site clearance team utilise everything from chainsaws and chippers; to 20 ton tracked excavators with shears and mulcher heads; to state of the art technology that operates in all terrains — remotely controlled for ease and safety and equipped to make light work of clearing trees, stumps and the hardiest vegetation. We have many years of experience working with remote control technology — ensuring excellent results, efficient clear-up and high safety standards.

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Tree and Stump Removal

Tree and Stump Removal

Our tree surgeons and site clearance team are highly skilled at complete removal of trees and their stumps from a property — clearing land space for other uses. Our professional standards of operation and safety measures ensure that people and property are in good hands at all times.



For quick and hassle-free clearance of ground vegetation that's also good for your top-soil, mulching is a great option. Our high performance Robo-Mulcher equipment is ideal for tackling even the heaviest growth, and its design and specifications protect it from damage and produce a finer mulch.

Chipping and Stump Grinding

Chipping and Stump Grinding

If you require disposal or reuse of deep-rooted tree stumps on your property, our chipping and grinding tools are ideally suited for the job. Our heavy duty Robo-Stump Grinder is a remotely controlled all-terrain tool that makes previously inaccessible areas open for clearance.


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Cutting-Edge Methods, Real Benefits

In the 20+ years we’ve been operating, we’ve paid close attention to technological advances — seeking out new ways to improve on the work we do and make it safer and more efficient. In recent years we’ve introduced remote controlled technology to our array of high-spec equipment.